Mary Offermann divides her time between her Santa Cruz studio and a mountain hideaway in the south of France, where she paints mountains, trees, and village scenes in a rich and joyful display of pastels.

Her paintings resonate with color and a love of life. Offermann paints landscapes in the south of France, along the coast of California, and on the beaches of Hawaii. Her landscapes are studies in light and dark, often expressing her fascination with the meeting of human endeavor with wilderness, and nearly always celebrating trees.

She paints fruits and vegetables from wherever she is, often placed on a cloth reflecting regional culture. These pieces abound with color, light, and pattern, radiating joy and abundance.

She captures the energy of all her subjects through the direct and colorful medium of pastels. Educated at the University of California Davis in the early 1960s, Offermann has lived in San Francisco, Chicago, New England, New York, Philadelphia, and East Africa. In 1971 she began her exploration of visual expression with black and white relief prints. She has worked in pastels and mixed media for the past twenty years. Color is always at the heart of her work.

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